Today’s Dollar price in Pakistan as of 02 Jan 2024 is USD to PKR.

The closing exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Pakistani Rupee, as reported by the State Bank of Pakistan, stands at 281.3 Rupees per US Dollar. This figure reflects the rate at which these currencies are exchanged between banks.


02 Jan 2024281.30.02% is a Pakistani website designed to provide users with up-to-date currency exchange rates. The platform serves as a reliable source for understanding the current value of Pakistani currency in comparison to other global currencies. Notably, the rates displayed on the website may differ from those offered by banks, particularly when dealing with dollars. It is a common occurrence for banks in Pakistan to apply higher fees during currency exchanges. To ensure accuracy, our website consistently updates the rates used by banks, offering users a comprehensive and reliable resource for staying informed about the latest currency values.

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